/24 IP network (256 IPv4) for rent e.g., for your own BGP routing from €0.50 per IPv4 by experts for experts

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Introductory price: With the voucher "iplease99" you rent the /24 IP network for only 99 Euro incl. taxes per month

Do you want to rent an IPv4 subnet in /24 size with 256 IP addresses for your project easily? We offer a limited number of IP networks for rent on a prepaid basis at fair conditions. Our prepaid model provides security and full flexibility. noez.de has been operating in the hosting market for many years and is ready to support your project.

For use, you need your own network (ASN) or your provider must be willing and able to route the IP network for you. Fast, reliable, secure, cost-effective, long-term, or short-term, as you need it. Rented IPv4 /24 networks can be routed both with us and elsewhere.

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At least one IPv4 network /24 addresses available

Rent IP Network

Introductory price: With the voucher "iplease99" you rent the /24 IP network for only 99 Euro incl. taxes per month

Attractive Prices

From 0,50 € per IPv4

Our fair and consistently stable pricing policy allows you to handle the rented IP addresses economically.

Market Experience

Over a Decade

Our company has been in the hosting market for over a decade, providing the necessary security in this trustworthy business.


Swift Provisioning

We promptly provide requested IPv4 networks subject to availability within 24 hours. You can count on us to use the rented IPv4 network as quickly as possible.


For a Clean and Fair Network.

We attach great importance to the sensible and fair use of rented IP addresses. We expect smooth management of incoming abuse requests if your business requires it. We do not tolerate illegal content, spamming, or delays in abuse management. We expect you to handle the rented resources as if they were your own. If we perceive a threat to our network and IP reputation due to a contrary attitude, we will immediately terminate provision to protect our resources and other customers.

24/7 Monitoring
We conduct 24/7 automatic and human monitoring of IP networks to prevent violations.
Review of Your Purpose
Before renting, we need information from you about the purpose for which you want to rent the IP addresses.
Responsibility on Your Part
During the rental period, we continue to monitor that everything runs smoothly but expect prompt responses to abuse requests from you.
Illegal Content
We do not tolerate illegal content, spamming, or lack of abuse management. If it happens, we will have to terminate the collaboration.

Over 20 payment partners for many years

Since our foundation, a variety of payment methods has been important to us. We do not charge you extra fees, no matter which method you choose. This way we want you to choose what is most convenient for you.


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