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Virtualization method LXC KVM
Only server hardware
Uplink min. node 1 Gbit min. node 10 Gbit
NIC burst limit 150 Mbit/s 150 Mbit/s
Traffic 1TB incl. 1TB incl.
Kernel 5.X Own kernel
Continuous development
Current operating systems
Latest Linux updates available
Security updates
Own ISOs can be integrated
Docker support
Windows support
Own kernel
Any further IPv4 1,50 € / month 1,50 € / month
Any further IPv6 Fair use free of charge Fair use free of charge
PTR entry
DDoS protection
End of life Will be further developed Will be further developed
Price Starting at 1,29€ /month Starting at 1,99€ /month
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With virtual servers we offer you various virtualization options to choose from. We have not actively offered virtualization with OpenVZ since November 2019, as support for OpenVZ has been discontinued. Since the security of our customers is very important to us, we do not sell this solution. Instead, we offer you 2 ultra-modern, high-performance options for renting a virtual server. You can choose between LXC virtualization or KVM virtualization. If you are still unsure which method suits you best, please read our information about it.

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A secure server location for your server is essential when it comes to hosting. We at noez GmbH host our servers exclusively in premium data centers in Germany. Your data is therefore safe and in good hands. With websites and email services in particular, you may place a lot of value on a product that is hosted in Germany.

DDoS Protection, which is included in every package for you free of charge, ensures a rounded security for us. In addition, the entire noez cloud infrastructure is monitored 365 days a year by trained technicians. No matter whether it is in the middle of the night or you are singing with your family O Tannenbaum, someone is watching your server at that moment.

Make your choice:

Now its your turn. Which vServer series do you want to choose? Not sure yet? Let our support advise you.

vServers with full root access are a popular product for every web developer. As an alternative to a dedicated server, your virtual server with full root access is exactly the right product. You get full access to your server just a few seconds after placing your order.

But what is a virtual server? A virtual server is similar to an apartment. How do you ask yourself an apartment now? Exactly, we have a large house with many apartments and rent one for you.

A little more technical: We have a very large server with an unimaginably large amount of storage space, RAM and very powerful processors. If you rent a v-server from us, we will create a protected area on this large server that is only for you. In this area you can do whatever you want. You may be running a website, game server, database, team peak server, mail server, video conference server, or whatever. Thanks to modern operating systems and kernels, we have no limits.

But why a vServer instead of own hardware? Its very simple: its cheaper. Would you have to run the service with your own hardware, would you have to spend a lot more money or put together very strange configurations. A dedicated server with 512 MB RAM and 25 GB hard disk would be an extremely unfavorable configuration. In addition, you do not have to worry about maintaining the systems, hardware, etc., because trained technicians are available around the clock.

Its cheap together: Because several customers rent their own area (vServer) on the host machine, they all pay for the large hardware behind your vServer and thus all customers benefit from state-of-the-art computing power.

However, this does not restrict you directly: each customer can install their own operating system in their own isolated environment and of course you have full root access. In the background, we, noez GmbH, ensure that everything works smoothly and that you dont notice anything from other customers.

How exactly does virtualization work? At noez we offer you 2 different virtualizations. We can provide you with virtualizations using LXC and KVM offer. At LXC you limit yourself to Linux operating systems and use the kernel of the host machine. With KVM you can use any operating system via. Install ISO file and have your own kernel. This makes KVM virtualization a little more expensive. We dont want to bore you with the boring, high-tech details of the individual virtualization technologies.

But why should I rent my vServer from noez.de? Well, there are various reasons for this. On the one hand, we offer you free tests for our entire vServer portfolio: This means that you can test our vServer risk-free 7 days . If you like the test, you can convert the server to a paid server at any time, if you dont like the free test, you no longer need to cancel, the server would automatically expire.

Thanks to the prepaid basis, our vServers are risk-free for you and you dont have to worry about contract terms.

In addition, we have been operating on the web hosting market for many years, more precisely since 2012. With our own hardware and technicians, we can guarantee you attractive prices and fast response times. We are not a reseller or anything like that. We only operate our own hardware and do not want to bore you with offers that every second web host on the market offers. With this advantage, we can also offer you low-cost additional services such as low-cost IP addresses and DDoS protection at enterprise level. Of course, we do not charge a cent for DDoS protection.

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