Save up to 25% per month with a prepayment

Fully virtualized prepaid servers

Rent KVM vServer

Prepaid KVM vServer including DDoS protection (+1 Tbit/s), web interface. Supports common Linux operating systems as well as Windows. Online within seconds. Of course on a prepaid basis and without long contract periods. You have the choice between SSD or HDD vServers. Hosting takes place in German premium data centers.


Where are the differences?

Start your server with us vServer (VPS) on KVM basis

A virtual server with full root access based on the KVM virtualization method. Within seconds after payment your VPS is online and ready to go. With our modern web interface you can control your vServer immediately. With KVM you can technically include any .iso file and thus also realize a Windows server, as long as you have a license, because our Windows instances only include a 180 evaluation version.

Unlike LXC, you have your own kernel. So you can install and use any operating system you want and have no dependency to the parent node. So you stay flexible, secure and fast.

The KVM vServer is the precursor of the Dedicated Server. Compared to the dedicated server you are more flexible with a KVM vServer, because you can adjust your resources at any time. You can upgrade at any time to SSD storage or individual options such as CPU, RAM or other options.

IPs for virtual servers

All virtual servers come with a free IPv4 and IPv6 address. If you need more IP addresses for large mail servers or virtualization projects (e.g. web hosting), this can also be realized by us. There are no long waiting times in your way.

IPv4 (e.g.

1 included, up to 16 additional bookable

IPv6 (e.g. ::1/128)

1 included, up to 3 additional bookable