The agony of choice

KVM or LXC vServer?

For beginners, who only work with Linux, a LXC vServer is always a good choice, especially because of the attractive price. With all vServers you profit from numerous advantages, e.g:

  • vServer immediately online
  • No setup fees
  • 100% prepaid
  • Support for questions
  • Location Frankfurt am Main

If you are not sure about your choice, contact our support or try a test server.

Secure into the Cloud

With our prepaid vServers

vServers with full root access are a popular product for every web developer. As an alternative to a dedicated server, your virtual server with full root access is exactly the right product. Just a few seconds after ordering you will get full access to your server.

But what is a virtual server? A virtual server is similar to an apartment. Like an apartment, you ask? Exactly, we have a big house with many apartments and we rent you one of them.

A bit more technical: we have a very large server with an unimaginable amount of memory, RAM and very powerful processors. When you rent a v-server from us, we create a protected area on this large server that is only for you. In this area you can do whatever you want. You might run a website, a game server, a database, a Teamspeak server, mail server, video conference server or whatever. We set you no limits thanks to modern operating systems and kernels.

But why a vServer instead of own hardware? That's quite simple: It's cheaper. If you would have to run the performance with your own hardware, you would have to spend much more money or put together very strange configurations. A dedicated server with 512 MB RAM and 25 GB hard disk would be a very unfavorable configuration. In addition, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the systems, hardware, etc., because trained technicians are available around the clock.

Together it's cheap: Because several customers rent their own area (vServer) on the host machine, they all pay together for the big hardware behind your vServer and thus all customers benefit together from a state-of-the-art computing power.

But this does not limit you directly: Each customer can install their own operating system in their own isolated environment and of course you have full root access. In the background, we, noez GmbH, make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you don't notice anything from other customers.

How exactly does virtualization work? At noez, we offer you 2 different virtualizations. We can offer you virtualization using LXC and KVM. With LXC you are limited to Linux operating systems and use the kernel of the host machine. With KVM you can install any operating system via. ISO file and have your own kernel. This also makes KVM virtualization a bit more expensive. We don't want to bore you with the boring, highly technical details of the individual virtualization techniques at this point.

But why should I rent my vServer from Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, we offer you free trials for our entire vServer portfolio: This means that you can test our vServers risk-free for 7 days. If you like the test, you can convert the server to a paid server at any time. If you don't like the free test, you don't even need to cancel the contract, the server would expire automatically.

Thanks to prepaid basis, our vServers are risk-free for you and you don't have to worry about contract terms.

Moreover, we have been operating on the web hosting market for many years, more precisely since 2012. With our own hardware & technicians we can guarantee you attractive prices and fast response times. We are not a reseller or anything like that. We only run our own hardware and don't want to bore you with offers that every 2nd web hoster on the market offers. Because of this advantage we can offer you additional services like cheap IP addresses and DDoS protection on enterprise level. Of course we don't charge a cent for DDoS protection.

Book your vServer optionally in the 100% Unmetered tariff Stop worrying about traffic and book our unmetered/flat-rate tariff

With us, you can enjoy the complete freedom to use your online traffic without any restrictions or annoying limitations. With our traffic flat-rate, you can fully utilize your vServer and generate as much data traffic as you want. Whether you run a heavily visited website, transfer large files, or host demanding applications, our unmetered vServers always provide you with sufficient bandwidth.

One unbeatable advantage of our unmetered tariff is the uniform price of only 25 euros per month. Regardless of which bandwidth package you choose - whether its 250, 500, 750, or even 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s) - the price remains the same. You have the flexibility to select the bandwidth that meets your individual requirements.

With our range of unmetered vServers, you benefit from a variety of advantages. You dont have to worry about unexpected costs due to traffic overages. Instead, you can fully focus on growing your online business without fearing any restrictions on data traffic. Additionally, our vServers offer reliable performance and stability, ensuring a seamless online presence you can rely on.

Over 20 payment partners for many years

Since our foundation, a variety of payment methods has been important to us. We do not charge you extra fees, no matter which method you choose. This way we want you to choose what is most convenient for you.


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