Become a media/sponsoring partner

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Who are we?

And who are you?

We, noez GmbH, are always looking for young & older talents that we can support. Especially in the beginning, financing a project can be difficult and especially server systems can be expensive depending on the size.

But even if you are already established and looking for a strong partner at your side, we are happy to be there for you and support you with all our resources.

As an operator with over 10 years of market presence and many thousands of customers, we know how we can best support you. For example, a cooperation can consist of us providing you with server systems of your choice and actively promoting them to you as a sponsor.

This system is an alternative to our recruitment program and cannot be combined.

If you are interested in an exciting partnership with us, please contact us via email at or visit us on our Discord. We look forward to a nice conversation.

We try to set as few requirements as possible in advance, because partnerships are very individual and should be coordinated. However, we do not support projects that are still in the planning stage. Your project should already be publicly available.

Am I qualified for a partnership?

  • You have a large reach
  • You produce high quality content
  • You are older than 16 years
  • You do not have active partnerships with any of our competitors
  • Your content is not copy & paste