Test vServer for free

7 days without any risk

Test a vServer now without obligation before you rent something. Within the 7 days you can upgrade your server to a full-fledged server at any time, so you can keep all your data. For the test we do not need any payment from you, so you are on the safe side.

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Secure in the Cloud vServer with DDoS Protection for every purpose

For many years, we have been renting out cost-effective vServers with state-of-the-art technology under the noez.de label. Due to our own hardware and our own floor space in the data center we can offer you very attractive prices. Many providers in the prepaid server sector are often only resellers of large companies, and if something does not work with the technology, they are dependent on the larger provider.

With us it is different, our office is only a few steps away from the entrance door of the data center and we can intervene around the clock within a few minutes. But we don't want that to happen in the first place! We monitor the entire infrastructure around the clock to ensure smooth operation.

Of course, we also protect you from malicious DDoS attacks around the clock with sophisticated protection mechanisms. We can fend off attacks with +1 Tbit/s without you noticing anything.

IPs for virtual servers

All virtual servers come with a free IPv4 and IPv6 address. If you need more IP addresses for large mail servers or virtualization projects (e.g. web hosting), this can also be realized by us. There are no long waiting times in your way.

IPv4 (e.g.

1 included, up to 64 additional bookable

IPv6 (e.g. ::1/128)

1 included, up to 3 additional bookable

Over 20 payment partners for many years

Since our foundation, a variety of payment methods has been important to us. We do not charge you extra fees, no matter which method you choose. This way we want you to choose what is most convenient for you.


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