Ideal for beginners on a small budget. Together with other customers you share large server capacities, but you have full root access to your server. Unlike our KVM vServer you can only use Linux operating systems.

New: Der LXC Konfigurator ab 1,24€ mtl.

You need a server according to your ideas? No problem! With our server configurator you create a server that is just as personal as your project. And best of all: despite the individual configuration, your server is available immediately after order receipt. And if you notice in the first 14 days that the configuration is not right for you, then you can simply swap the server for another one.

Build your own vps

The heart of control, our web interface

With our web interface, we call it nas, you can easily order and control your server. In addition, you can contact us in this way. We just like it and we believe that you will love our products, so all our contracts are prepaid, with no fear of notice periods.

What's the difference between LXC, OpenVZ and KVM vServers?