Brand new at noez: Rent your own Plesk license for your vServer or Dedicated Server

Own Plesk license for your server

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Whether for your server at noez or elsewhere, with a Plesk license from us you equip your server with your own Plesk license, so that you can easily create & manage websites with your server.

What is Plesk exactly?

How Plesk helps you with your website

You know how it is: you rent a vServer or even a dedicated server and then you have to install all the programs and create endless configuration files to publish your own website.

And if you want to change something, you are stuck in the editor again. Especially when managing multiple websites it is often tedious to manage everything on your own. Plesk takes exactly this unpopular work off your hands. On a fresh server you install Plesk with the One-Click Installer with only one command.

After that you only have to log in and you can create, modify & manage websites. Thanks to many apps, you can even install complete store systems, blogs or forum software with just one click.

Especially with Wordpress, Plesk can shine with its toolkit. Here Plesk helps you with many administrative tasks. From plugin installation to automatic updates, Plesk helps you at any time.

Thanks to intuitive operation almost nothing can go wrong and if you are looking for help, you will always find help thanks to the great popularity of Plesk. Plesk is a very popular and stable software.

But not only for the simple private user Plesk is an excellent choice. Many webhosters and agencies also rely on Plesk. We at also use Plesk to rent web space packages to our customers. Thanks to the customer & subscription management, Plesk takes over the management of your customer web space packages for you.

Your customers benefit from all the features listed above. Many customers appreciate & look for web hosting providers that rely on Plesk. So whether you want to manage your private website or start as a web host, Plesk is always a good choice.

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