How do I get noezPoints?

For every Euro purchase value you get 1 noezPoint credited

For every contribution in our community you get 5 noezPoints credited

For the telephone verification you will receive 50 noezPoints

For the registration in our newsletter you will receive 50 noezPoints

For the participation in our Discord you receive 15 noezPoints

You can find many more scenarios in your noezPoint - Manager

Current promotions

Over and over there are promotions within the noezPoints program, with which you can collect more points than usual. A look at the current offers is worth it.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a noezPoint worth?

A noezPoint can be exchanged for 1 cent on your invoice amount.

How long are noezPoints valid?

Usually a noezPoint is valid for 31 days and then expires. Special vouchers, which you can often find in our social media channels, may have an earlier or later expiration date.

Can I withdraw a noezPoint in cash?

noezPoints can only be applied to invoices. A payout or transfer to other customers is not possible.

What is an x-times action?

Occasionally, there are actions with an x-times value. For example, in a 2-times promotion you will receive 2 noezPoints per 1 Euro purchase value instead of just one noezPoint per 1 Euro purchase value.

How do I get a voucher?

In noezPoint Manager you have the possibility to redeem a voucher. Vouchers are occasionally freely distributed or raffled via our social channels or via our Discord Server. We also distribute vouchers at trade fairs. If you have such a voucher, you can redeem it.

Can I pay a running bill with noezPoints?

Yes, even continuous invoices can be paid with noezPoints. Simply go to the noezPoints Manager and select the appropriate invoice.

Can I pay an entire invoice with noezPoints?

Yes, you can also pay complete bills with noezPoints.

Are there partners who can issue noezPoints?

No, if you come across a page where you have to enter your noez login data to receive noezPoints, it is a scam page. Only noez.de can issue noezPoints.

How do I get the starting credit? (280 noezPoints)

The starting balance consists of the reward for the telephone verification, verification in the discord, newsletter registration and the first login to the community.

Create a free account and get up to 2.80 € noezPoints starting credit for free!

With a free account you can also test a vServer for 7 days for free before buying! We do not need any payment data from you.

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