Start your own gaming cloud with noez

Install Pterodactyl with one click on your noez server

Afterwards you have access to countless games and voice servers and can easily create game servers.

Finally, no more slot-based billing or overpriced RAM just because it's a game server. With us you can simply get a vServer, start the Appinstaller and then you can create gameservers according to your taste.

The installation takes about 15 minutes and in that time you can start thinking about which games you want to install. Gamecloud is 100% free for all customers and is compatible with vServers as well as dedicated servers.

Pterodactyl web interface screenshot

Advantages of the gamingcloud from pterodactyl

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If you have a vServer or Dedicated Server with us, you can start your own Gamecloud with our Appinstaller. If you select pterodactyl in our appinstaller, we will automatically install the pterodactyl webinterface, the wings service and a database server for you. With this bundle you can start right away and create your own gameserver or voiceserver.

Tiresome studying of the instructions and eternal failure during installation are a thing of the past. You can sit back and relax during the installation. Afterwards we show you your login data for the Gamecloud in our web interface.

Thanks to the enormous possibilities to extend Pterodactyl, there are almost no limits to run gameservers of any kind. Behind Pterodactyl is also a huge community that helps you with problems & questions. But of course we are also available for questions with advice & action to the side.

The Appinstaller is 100% free for you. So you can say goodbye to slot limitations on game servers. You can also say goodbye to overpriced gamecloud-vservers with webinterface. With us you can use any vServer or dedicated server for the appinstaller. We do not charge any extra fees.

These are your advantages:

  • vServer immediately online
  • Appinstaller takes only between 15-30 minutes
  • Installs Pterodactyl Wings, webinterface & database
  • Letsencrypt certificate incl. individual subdomain included
  • Ready 2 Go at incl. login data