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A business, blog, community and so many other sites have one thing in common: they start with a domain.

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You are planning your own website? Then you are at the right place. A good website starts with a professional toplevel domain. Of course we started with a domain ourselves. So that visitors do not have to remember the IP address of your server, there are domains. These are easy to remember and even if the server should change in the background, your visitors will always end up where you want.

But what speaks against a free domain? There are some providers who promise and offer so-called "free domains". But the big catch is that your site is often flooded with advertising. This is neither pleasant for you nor for your visitors. You will probably scare away most of your visitors before they have even looked at your site.

Investing in a domain is therefore essential if you want to run your own website. Afterwards you will need a webspace or e.g. a virtual server or even a dedicated server. All these products are also offered at So if you decide for a domain with us, you have all products from one house. This makes the administration especially easy for you.

You should not be blinded by newcomers with dumping prices. A domain should always be registered in safe hands, because your website stands & falls with it and in the worst case also your business. We at have been offering our services for over 10 years.