I have troubles with account verification by adding a valid phone number

The phone verification of the account is necessary to enable more payment options.

This is part of our anti fraud system to lower the chance for payment charge backs that will result in higher pricing for all customers.

To ensure that the verification of your account will run smoothly please make sure to use


  • A real landline number or
  • A real mobile number

„real“ means here something physical. Something that really exist.

The usual reasons why phone verifications will fail are the usage of some virtual services.

Services like skype or online portals or voice over IP or any other similar service might fail!

IF you are using a real physical existing phonenumber and still the verification fails, please open a ticket providing this informations:

  • What number you have been using ( including area and countrycode )
  • What carrier you have been using
  • When ( date and time with timezone ) you tried the verification
  • A copy of your last invoice from your carrier showing your name and number of the invoice

This will enable us to check why the phone verification failed and eventually enable us to verify your account manually.

Thank you very much for your understanding for this, unfortunately needed, security measurement to help to prevent identity theft and stealing of money.