What is a URL Redirect Record?

A URL Redirect Record is actually not really a valid domain record according to standard RFC 1035, it is just an A record pointing onto a web server that redirects to your chosen URL.

Why do I need a URL Redirect Record?

If you want to create an HTTP redirection from your domain or subdomain to any external or internal target-URL, e.g. a Discord invite link you can use a URL Redirect Record. You can not use a URL Redirect Record to redirect your own page from http to https.

How do I create URL Redirect Records?

To create a URL Redirect you have to create two different Records: One A Record that points to our web server performing the redirection and one TXT record that describes how and where to redirect.

The records should look like the following example:

subdomain.yourdomain.com IN A

subdomain.yourdomain.com IN TXT „URL [Redirect Type] targetdomain.example.com

So your record could look like the following one:

coupon.noez.de IN A

coupon.noez.de IN TXT „URL 301 https://noez.de/coupon