FlexIPs (= flexible IP addresses) are for you to be able to use official IP addresses rented from us to be used with any server in the world at anytime you like to. You can easily move the IP addresses to be used with another server. Our service comes with a basic DDoS-protection. To be able to use our ip addresses you first rent a so called GRE tunnel (=Generic Routing Encapsulation tunnel). One end point of the tunnel is our router and the other end point is your server you chose to use our IP addresses with. After having established the GRE tunnel with our configuration information you will be able to use it right away. You can also set PTR-records for each IP address rented. Advantages of FlexIPs is for you to always be flexible where to use the rented ip addresses in case you change server or provider and also we run a stable valuable pricing policy at noez.de like we do with all our services for many years.