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Dedicated servers from Frankfurt am Main

Rent your own bare-metal server which is exclusively available for you. Choose between 1 to 10 Gbit/s uplink.

Only a few dedicated servers available. It pays to be fast! New servers will be added soon.

Setup fee
Seconds for delivery
< 60
Gbit connection

Dedicated prepaid root servers

100% prepaid, 100% bare-metal hardware

Your own dedicated server is more than just a server with full root access. Because also our products LXC vServer as well as KVM vServer have full root access and these are pure virtual servers.

But what characterizes a dedicated server? Often Dedicated Servers are also called "Root Servers", but this term is now often used by resourceful virtual server providers to give the impression of a Dedicated Server. The full name of the product you see here is "Bare metal dedicated server". Bare metal stands for completely own hardware. You don't share resources with anyone and you have your own network connection.

This is not just a product where we guarantee you full resources by contract, but by having your own hardware, it is ensured that only you have access to the server. In our own compartment in premium data centers we always have some ready-built servers ready for you. The servers have already been pre-installed with an operating system and the hardware has been checked by us. If you create such a server, you will get your full root access to the server within a few seconds after ordering.

Via our own developed web interface you can easily restart or reinstall the server. Each server is equipped with a web resetter, which means that you can physically restart the server remotely with a mouse click.

We have both servers with 1 Gbit ports and servers with 10 Gbit ports, for maximum speed. Our available hardware varies depending on the demand of each model. If there are few servers available in the store, you can be sure that they are already working on the next servers in the background.

Your advantages with us are obvious: The price already includes any electricity costs, 2.5 TB of traffic, your own IPV4 address and hardware maintenance. If something is wrong with the hardware, we will replace it for you. This will not cost you a cent, we promise.

But where exactly is the server located? Our servers are located in several premium data centers in Frankfurt am Main. Our technicians have access to the data center around the clock. Our offices are also located directly in one of the data centers, so we can guarantee fast response times, around the clock.

You can easily pay for your dedicated root server with one of over 20 fee-free payment methods. So you don't have to worry about long contract terms, cancellation periods or risks. Noez.de has been operating on the web hosting market since 2012 and has always been a risk-free prepaid provider.

IPs for dedicated servers

All Dedicated Servers come with a free IPv4 and IPv6 address. If you need more IP addresses for large mail servers or virtualization projects (e.g. web hosting), this can also be realized by us. There are no long waiting times in your way.

For dedicated servers we offer besides single IPv4 addresses also the possibility to rent complete IP networks. So we give you the possibility to rent 1219 usable IPv4 addresses for a single dedicated server.

IPv4 (e.g.

1x included, up to 32 addresses can be added individually

IPv6 (e.g. ::1/128)

1x inclusive

IPv4 networks (e.g.

Complete IP networks (/24, /25, /26, /27 or /28) can be added optionally

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Since our foundation, a variety of payment methods has been important to us. We do not charge you extra fees, no matter which method you choose. This way we want you to choose what is most convenient for you.


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