Our location in Frankfurt am Main

Your data is safe here

noez.de data center
Photo taken by Max

Thanks to the latest technology and up-to-date filter mechanisms, your servers are safe from the bad guys with us. We protect you without additional costs around the clock, 365 days a year, from incoming DDoS attacks up to 1 Tbps+.

We use only our own hardware and know each of our servers as well as our whole network from the inside. We know what we rent to you. As a team of experienced specialists we have been in the business for many years. We always maintain our servers on site ourselves.

What distinguishes our premium data centers?

  • Location in Frankfurt am Main
  • 1 Tbit/s DDoS Protection
  • Operation of the servers in a RAID network
  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Monitoring by trained personnel
  • Exclusively server hardware in use
  • Regular maintenance of components
  • Always spare hardware in stock

Our own services go embedded in a company network next to self-assembled server hardware, self-created program code, administration and support by full-time staff and many details more up to the backbone and the data center operation. With us you get services that we have often customized ourselves. This distinguishes us from many sideline providers. Our employees have many years of industry experience in often very successful companies.