Since 2011, we have been operating our servers in premium data centers in Frankfurt am Main.

DDoS protection

With state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date filtering mechanisms, your servers are safe from the bad guys. We protect you at no extra cost around the clock, 365 days a year, before incoming DDoS attacks up to 1 Tbps+.

Own hardware

We only use our own hardware and know each of our servers as well as our entire network from the inside. We know what we rent you. As a team of experienced specialists, we have been represented in the industry for many years. We also look after our servers ourselves on site.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our technology or our data center? We have already answered some of these for you.

All node systems have a hardware RAID system with multiple hard drives, so your data is safe even if a single hard drive fails. However, we do not maintain a backup of your vServer and your data, this is one of his very personal obligations.
We only use server hardware that is suitable for server and continuous operation. Currently we are setting u.a. Supermicro single and dual Xeon servers with Western Digital hard drives, Intel and Samsung SSD, as well as Kingston and Samsung memory.
Yes, with our multi-level DDoS protection we protect your server free of charge and permanently against incoming DDoS attacks up to 1 Tbps+.
Not at all. Our in-house services are embedded in a corporate network in addition to self-assembled server hardware, self-created program code, administration and support by full-time staff and many more details up to the backbone and the data center operation. With us you receive services that we have often adapted ourselves very specifically. This distinguishes us from many providers in the secondary occupation. Our employees have many years of industry experience in often very successful companies.

Datacenter in Frankfurt am Main.


Biometric access system via fingerprint reader, logging of all inlets and outlets and camera monitoring and recording with infrared systems ensure that your data remains secure.

Power supply

Redundant uninterruptible power supply concept with up to 2x1000kVA power, Green Power UPS systems from the manufacturer Socomec with an efficiency of 96% and the use of 100% green electricity not only provide a secure, but also for a green power supply.

The building

Modern building infrastructure directly in the Internet Metropolis Frankfurt am Main just a few meters from the largest network nodes such as the DE-CIX, KleyReX and more than 1000 network operators, staffed 24 hours a day, characterize our data centers.

Network connection

Excerpt: 40 Gigabit / s Deutsche Telekom AS3320, 30 Gigabit / s GTT AS3257, 30 Gigabit / s Telia AS1299, 10 Gigabit DECiX, 200 Gigabit KleyReX Internet Exchange and around 800 public and private peerings leave nothing to be desired. Source: GHOSTnet AS12586