Be fast, the limited Black noez Week ends in

Coupon activation in noezPoints manager required

This is how you save now:

Go to the noezPoints manager and quickly activate the current coupon, from now on you will collect 10 noezPoints instead of 1 noezPoint. On your next bill, you can redeem 1 noezPoint for a 1 cent discount. For example, if you top up 50 euros, you will receive noezPoints worth 5 euros instead of the regular 50 cents. So what are you waiting for? Quickly extend all servers, shop and save money.

activate now

Hot off the press, limited time only

This exclusive offer is only valid during Black noez Week from 25.11 to 02.12. From 03.12 onwards, you will start collecting regular noezPoints again. However, you can still spend points collected during Black noez Week.

Of course also for existing customers

Does it also annoy you? Constantly only promotions for new customers? No more, with the Black noez Week we reward new and existing customers alike. Save money even when you renew your servers.

Valid for any payment

You collect noezPoints with every payment, no matter what its for. The important thing is that a deposit/payment is made. Noezpoints are not awarded on transactions paid for with existing credit.

You dont shop yet?

Not quite clear yet? No problem. We answer common questions here.

I still have credit, do I get noezPoints when I use it to shop?
No, you only collect noezPoints when you make payments to us. Either because you pay/renew a server directly or when you top up new credit.
How much is 1 noezPoint worth?
You can exchange 1 noezPoint for 1 cent off on noez bills.
Until when is this promotion valid?
Black noez Week ends on 02 December 2022 at 23:59
Can I send noezPoints to other customers?
No, you can only redeem collected noezPoints yourself
How long are noezPoints valid?
noezPoints that you have received through deposits / payments expire after 30 days. However, you can redeem noezPoints with every invoice, except for credit deposits

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Since our foundation, a variety of payment methods has been important to us. We do not charge you extra fees, no matter which method you choose. This way we want you to choose what is most convenient for you.


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