Earn money with servers

We give you a share of every sale

Start promoting noez and we'll give you a 25% share of every new service you rent from us. In addition, customers who sign up through your link will receive 1€ starting credit.

Very simple

You have the reach, we have the servers

Simple tracking

With an affiliate link you can easily refer visitors to our website, we take care of the rest.

Real-time tracking

We show you in real time generated sales and a possible commission. If you have any questions, our affiliate team will help you.

Advertising material

To make it easier for you to advertise for us, we provide you with some advertising material (banners). This will help your visitors to get a taste of noez even faster.

Double payment

If you decide for a payout in noezPoints instead of a regular payout, we will double your payout.

25% For you plus 1€ For your guest

  • For every purchase
  • 90 days tracking
  • Real-time tracking
  • Predefined advertising material
  • No requirements
  • Payout: Paypal/bank transfer
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