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Our broad product portfolio which we have been building for you for over 12 years helps you from startup to professional environment with server services from the heart of Frankfurt am Main

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For more than 10 years has been selling solutions in the area of hosting & web. From the beginning prepaid has been the highest priority. You can rent all our products risk-free, because you don't have to worry about cancellation periods and contract terms.

Servers with low prices can convince just as well as servers with top modern hardware and trained technicians in the background. We realize both for you. We calculate fair prices with best hardware in premium data centers in Frankfurt am Main for you.

With our dedicated servers you get servers that run completely on your own hardware. So a completely dedicated server, just for you. Own RAM, own CPU, own connection. Especially for high performance applications this is the right thing.

For smaller applications or for those who always want to be flexible, our virtual servers are suitable. We offer different types of virtualization. On the one hand LXC virtualization: Here you get a vServer with a Linux kernel, which is predefined by the host machine, therefore you can only install Linux operating systems. If you need the full power of a server, our KVM servers with their own kernel and the possibility to even upload your own .iso files via our web interface.

Why flexible? Very simple: With us you can grow together at any time. Your root server needs more RAM? Your project is running very successfully? With just a few clicks you can upgrade the performance at any time and within a few seconds you will have more computing capacity available.

To get your server, all you need to do is place an order with just a few clicks. With over 20 fee-free payment methods, all you have to do is pay your bill and your server will be set up immediately, even dedicated servers are available right away.

With our servers, whether vServers or Dedicated Servers, you can also flexibly add individual IP addresses at any time and with the Dedicated Servers you can even easily book entire IP networks. How does it work? We are not a simple reseller, we exclusively operate our own hardware & technology and are therefore highly flexible. Both in the provision and later in the maintenance. If you have a problem, your problem will not go through a reseller to the actual hoster, but is directly at the right place.

And if you are still not convinced, just try us out for free and without obligation. Just order a vServer for 7 days for free. The best part is, if you like the server during the trial period, you can simply convert it to a paid server and if not, no cancellation is necessary. We are true to our word.


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