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In seconds, you can create a free account and start your first server. All servers are operated in premium data centers in Frankfurt am Main with 100% green electricity.

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All servers are located in premium data centers in Frankfurt am Main and are maintained by technicians.


All servers are ready to use within minutes. After payment, your server will be set up fully automatically.


All servers are based on the prepaid principle. So you do not need to worry about endless contracts.

As server as you need it

As a provider with more than 7 years of market experience, we know how different the needs of a server are, so you have with us between 3 virtualization methods the choice. An expert usually knows immediately which method he will choose, if you are unsure, we recommend, as long as you do not intend to work with Windows, the LXC method. This method is our cheapest and most efficient way to virtualize VPS.

Thats what our customers say

We can tell you a lot, but just have a look what our previous customers say to us. Numerous customers have already shared their experiences with us on the independent portal Trustpilot.com.